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Maia Aela -

Vindens barn och

den nya människan.

I den tredje delen om Maia Aela reser hon till Machu Picchu i Peru för att slutföra sitt uppdrag, som enligt  gamla inkaprofetior  går ut på att hjälpa människan att ta nästa steg i sin andliga utveckling. Detta sker nu i stor skala när män-niskan går igenom en omvälvande period av andligt uppvaknande som leder till att vi får kontakt med vårt gudomliga Jag. Läs mer


"Vindens energi kommer att blåsa liv i den gudomliga gnistan i era hjärtan"

Läs om mig

Jennyli Gustafsson

I am the author, or let´s say I am the pen that draw down the books from the Pleiades. In my first book about Maia Aela "Maia Aela - The girl from planet Akleja", you get to meet three of the entities that are behind the messages.

I have allways felt that there is someting more to life than what I can see with my physical eyes. Later on in life, universe brought me along the way of the ancient Inkas of Peru. For sure that was not a coincidence. In the autumn of 2006 I had a spontaneous initiation were I got automatic writing. It came very sudden but luckily I was both prepared and eager to handle it at the time.

I started to receive messages from the other side. At first from my late stepmother but after a couple of month there were a different energy taking over. In my world it felt like the source of life, wich many of us call God. I was told that I was supposed to write three books, and the first one would be completed the very same year of 2007. The channeled messages is connecting modern religion with ancient Inkatradition to strengening the thought that all life eminates from the same source. It also conects the mother with the father, and the Earth with the Heaven inside us all.

Please read more about my books at the english page here on my sight. Klick here