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Maia Aela -

The girl from planet Akleja  e-book

Maia Aela is a child of the new era and she has come to Earth with a mission to serve as a link between the planet Akleja and Earth. The meeting with Ernesto uncovers an ancient prophecy that his Inca ancestors have carried on for hundreds of years. Maia's dead sister makes contact through a dimensional portal and help Maia to understand, not only her own life but also the whole of humanity.

In the meeting between these two worlds, Earth and Akleja, there is a portal of dimensions erected through which Maia makes contact with her ancestors.The encounter with her dead sister is of crucial significance, not only for Maia but also for Mother Earth as a whole.

Her meeting with Ernesto from Peru is a part of an ancient prophecy that mentions the north bringing ancient Indian wisdom back to light and spreading these messages on Earth. Maia acts as the ambassador for every person whose mission is to seek their own divinity and who wants to understand how the universe will help everyone that wants to find their way home. 

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Mother Earth is about to go through a crucial transformation that will take mankind to the next level of spiritual evolution. This is the story of the search for the twin soul and the inner kingdom of God. You get to meet the young girl from Sweden, Maia Aela, who spent her previous life on planet Akleja in the Pleiades. You also get to meet Ernesto, who comes from Peru and whose ancestors were Inca Indians.

Maia’s encounters with the ancestors from the Pleiades take place through a portal of dimensions. Their many talks develop and create a vital image of the new human race that is about to be born. Ernesto also carries ancient wisdom from his forefathers via his grandmother. In a magical way this wisdom gets intertwined with the messages from planet Akleja. Maybe it is not a coincidence that Maia and Ernesto bump into one another. It might have been decided long before they were born in accordance with ancient Inca prophecies. The girl from the Scandinavia and the boy from Latin America have a joint mission; to unite north with south, modern with ancient and woman with man.

Just like Mother Earth is seeking her twin soul to unite with, Maia is seeking hers. The air of mystery thickens with the many messages, symbols and incidents in Maia’s life. As the reader you can apply the essence of this to your life and in that way help Mother Earth to be blessed with a timeless soul mate. This idea helps her rise into a state of vibration and will free her from all suffering. The book welcomes you to take part in a breathtaking journey through your inner universe, where you at the same time will be given the opportunity of looking outwards to unfamiliar galaxies.

The Book of Eternities


The era of mankind is finally here. The world is waiting for you! You are the child of truth that is now ready to be born. You are the new Christ, who on the third day rises again from the dead. The third day is finally here! Man’s love for his next shall now be turned to himself and make this rebirth possible.

The Book of Eternities puts sticky plasters on the wounds. Your hands and feet are no longer pinned to a crucifix. You are free to go! The words within The Book of Eternities ensure justice is done. They create the new timeless man by loving dictation from the eternities. Man’s story of creation still is very much going on! The seven days of creation are brought forth here in a completely new light.

The courage to dare to see the new man being born shall actually make him be born. The courage to dare to see the plant pot that man is growing inside shall actually make him crush the wall of the pot so that new and eternal soil can reach his feet. The plant pot of science is now too small and tight for man. He needs to be re-planted in the free and eternal garden that is called the Garden of Eden. The seed within each human has started to grow and it is growing fast. The era of mankind is now! The gardener is you!

The christening and the wedding are two milestones in a man’s life that mark big changes. The christening and the wedding are, in The Book of Eternities, two milestones marking big changes in the spiritual growth process. Your catchwords are from now on “On Earth as it is in Heaven”. What you create within you is also created outside of you, around you. You are the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, who from now on will make a paradise flourish and blossom.

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Jennyli Gustafsson

I am the author, or let´s say I am the pen that draw down the books from the Pleiades. In my latest book "Maia Aela - The girl from planet Akleja", you get to meet three of the entities that are behind the messages. Read more about Maia Aela here

I have allways felt that there is someting more to life than what I can see with my physical eyes. Later on in life universe brought me along the way of the ancient Inkas of Peru. For sure that was not a coincidence. In the autumn of 2006 I had a spontaneous initiation were I got automatic writing. It came very sudden but luckily I was both prepared and eager to handle it at the time.

I started to receive messages from the other side. At first from my late stepmother but after a couple of month there were a different energy taking over. In my world it felt like the source of life, wich many of us call God. I was told that I was supposed to write three books and the first one would be completed the very same year of 2007. The channeled messages is connecting modern religion with ancient Inkatraditon to strengening the thought that all life eminates from the same source.

You can find more info at my english page